Top 4 E-Book Cover Design Software Choices

Like most other designing needs, eBook cover designs also have their own set of dedicated software released every season. In the olden times, a professional graphic designer needed to be engaged for the designing a professional looking cover for a book. After the eBooks came into existence, they were generally just the softcopy of the hardcopy’s designs and there were professionals engaged to design the covers.

Today, eBook makers have another new exciting option: making the eBook covers yourself! One can make eBook covers with the use of eBook cover design software. There is a good number of software with a number of interesting options available in each of them.

An eBook cover is an index to the feel of the contents of the book so making a good eBook cover is essential in making the book a success. Many of the ecover makershave been hugely successful, especially with publishing houses, making their work faster and easier. A lot of them use software that has very good options for graphics and a whole lot of other aspects.

  1. Photoshop Action Scripts: This software helps bring one brings out an extremely realistic look thanks to the use of 300 DPI High Resolution. This provides a group of 3D Photoshop Actions so that one can very easily make magazine covers, logos, business cards, brochures, eBook covers, 3d software box covers, post cards, eBook covers and way more is just a couple of clicks of your mouse.
  2. My eCover Maker: This software is one of the earliest of eBook cover software. Its free eCover design software that has ready built in 3D as well as 2D templates. One can make use of the 3D eCover template for the promotion of products in sales brochures. The software has over 50 different templates for eCover designs that one can choose from to make a cover for a technology book apart from many other genres. You can also use options like banner creation for designing eBook covers. This software also comes with a ‘package’ option that helps you design an icon, a thumbnail on the basis of the design of your eBook cover.
  3. eCover Bot: This is one of the most used eCover creation online software. eCoverbot library has a huge number of high quality images that one can use for creating backgrounds. These images can also be implemented into the readymade templates that are sorted out based on genres and themes. You can even use custome images for the background image with the option of uploading from computer. In this software, one can also create an eCover in 3D format so as to add depth.
  4. Book Cover Pro: This software gives the user an option of ISBN barcode generation as well. You can begin right from scratch or make use of inbuilt templates that are available in the directory. The user is also spoilt with an option of lighting effects.

All of the above software is easy to use and output depends on the creativity of the user entirely.

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